Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Another way to use AMA.

Woo! I am now a proud holder of a plane ticket to London, to leave 2007.09.03. Also, travel insurance (so when I end up in a coma in Mozambique they can fly me home or something), and 'parking insurance' ($3 a month) for my car.. and it was all done under one roof! Yay for that AAA membership I bought to get free towing last December.

So. Officially leaving now! Right around when I wanted to, so I guess I didn't do my planning too late after all. Even managed to get a round trip ticket for right around $1000, which is cool, it just means I will have to return to London to fly home... or I could just skip out on that and buy another ticket home from wherever I am when I decide to come... given that my round trip ticket was less than a one way ticket, I wouldn't feel too bad about that at all.

Also, today was the day of The Shot... they warn you that you'll have a sore shoulder for a while, but ow. Holy crap, I am just glad they did it to the left arm, I need my right arm to shift gears :p

On a random unrelated note, my computer suffered a catastrophe yesterday. It was supposed to live until after my trip, at which point I am planning to build a new one then transfer all my data from the current one... so yesterday the power went out in a weird slow-motion sort of way, and my computer wouldn't start afterwards...

After doing some disassembly and tweaking I managed to get it to start up and run for a few minutes before the blue screen of DOOM but I fear that it is on it's last legs. The only hope is that it will run long enough at a stretch to burn all my important crap (oxymoron. who cares?) to DVD or transfer to the laptop before it dies completely :p I don't want to lose the data (Data: saved games and... um... hey, those are important!), but I also don't want to put any money into this thing either. Given the nature of the problem it is likely the graphics card or RAM that got zapped so hopefully removing one of the RAM sticks or swapping to my backup or the onboard AGP card will fix... will see soon enough.

The moral of the story is: Get and use a UPS. (Uninterruptible Power Supply). When I get back from ye olde travels, I will be having to replace an xbox 360, HD projector, and computer that have all melted due to power outages and spikes within the last 6 months.... you can be damn sure that none of them are going to be plugged into anything less than a really good UPS.


Jeremy said...

yep. When I got my computer I got one of those and I am so glad I did because i have had the power flux while using it. On a side note I had a terible computer issue tonight which I hope will be fixed when I reboot (after finishing the restore stuff I am waiting for atm). It hozed my sound driver, my WoW/BC install, and I do not now what else. I hope its all good soon. So much for an uneventfull evening. At least I didn't get a tetnus shot though. ;p

Laurel said...

ooooooowwww...on the computer thing!! We got one of those IPS things after the lightning fried our credit card machine and the modem in the computer. Also, the power fluctuations out here in the boonies are just as bad as yours up there in the boonies!! :)
Hope your arm feels better soon. I remember the pain, before we went to Belize!
Love you!

Scrapnqueen said...

Can't believe you didn't follow your own advice on the UPS thing a little sooner. Yikes.

Also, toldja about the shot, dinteye?

YIPPEE! on the ticket. Have you figured out the sleeps yet, so you can start counting down? ;-)