Friday, August 3, 2007

They do go in the arm, right?

A tip for prospective travellers: Prepare earlier than you thought you might need to!

There are things that hadn't even occurred to me until recently, that really need to get done before one travels to any foreign country. I have been apparently spoiled by the ease of travel from my home country of Canada to the United States - just show up at the border and have ID. For travel to Europe, Africa, or pretty much anywhere else in the world, one thing that caught me by surprise is vaccinations.

Vaccination against hepatitis A is an absolute requirement for most of the world, as are a few others, plus some "recommended but optional" ones. I don't recall the whole list (which varies depending on which countries you are planning to visit) right at the moment, but they include such appealing afflictions as Hep A/B, tetanus/diptheria, measles, typhoid, rabies, etc etc. As it turns out, some of these vaccinations must be administered in multiple stages over the course of a period of time, so this is really something that one should look into months in advance of travel... me? I realize this one month away from when I'd like to be leaving. Doh. Oh well, next Wednesday I get the wonderful pleasure of having a bunch of sharp metal things stuck into my arm.

At least I hope they go in the arm :p


Scrapnqueen said...

Tetanus is such a pleasure shot, too. It hurts for days afterwards.

You've probably discovered that by now. :-)

Logan said...

Actually I just got the shot about 45 minutes ago [today being the 'next Wednesday' referred to above], so I am only in the early stages of discovering pain. But at least they really do go in the arm!