Friday, September 7, 2007

Culture shock + sticker shock = ??

hey, just a quick update since they charge like $8/hour for net time :p
got to london on tuesday morning, walked around a *lot*, saw a play (Avenue Q, which was awesome. if you ever saw that wow video with the song "the internet is for porn", it is from this musical originally), saw a couple movies (dear god, they charged £12.50 to see one at this theater on liecester square... admittedly it was a really swanky theater, but jeezus, thats like $25), and this morning i headed for salisbury. sadly the hostel is full tonight :( so i may have to drop £90 on a hotel room. egads! england is expensive! also, their keyboards are *weird*!! all the punctuation marks are in different places, so are the shift keys, which is why i am generally not capitalizing :p no time to figure them out. or i am just lazy. or something. at least colon and period are in the right place, and parenthesis, or smileys would be impossible. anyway, gonna stay here a few days, see stonehenge and whatever else is worth seeing, then move on, probably north to either scotland or ireland.


Laurel said...

GLAD you arrived safe and sound!! ...your cat is trying to sniff my carrots (lunch) as I'm sitting at the desk eating and typing! She can't figure out why I prefer NOT to have kitty nose juice on my carrots! Mike has gone to the airport in Ft. Smith to pick up his new puppy. It's an Australian Shepherd from the same breeder/bloodlines as he had before, so it was shipped from MT. Also, a guy from Alabama bought one also, so Mike picked them both up and is traveling to meet the other guy and give him his puppy. I'm sure that Sierra will find this lively ball of fur most appalling!! Love you BIG bunches!

Brock said...

You know, with those lamb-chop sideburns -- you look even *more* like another Logan I know (of) from Canada.


P.S. Stop paying so much for movies! They're the same there as they are here. If you've got the urge to see a movie, go to a museum or historical location instead. You've got the whole rest of you life to see junky movies ;-)

Logan said...

movie theaters help eliminate culture shock, it is a bit of 'sameness' in a wacky world. well, movie theaters and Subway sandwiches, which it turns out are about the only economical thing to eat in Dublin. (€3 for a sub, €4.20+ for a supermarket sandwich, €9+ for pub food).