Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Got pens? I need to write something.

him: hey there
me: what's up?
him: [stares off into distance]
me: [waits a while, waves, starts to walk away]
him: I hate to ask.
me: [waits]
him: I hate to ask.
me: ask what?
him: I hate to ask... me bein' on the street and all.
me: ask *what*? [thinking: clearly going to ask for money]
him: 'could I get a couple pens?
me: pens?! [pens? wtf? he needs to write a letter maybe?]
him: yah, pehns.
me: oh, pounds? [I had left all my change in my room, and wasn't about to give him a £20 note]. No, I don't have any change on me.
him: just a couple pens.
me: [bright idea!] well, here, I've got this €5 bill :p
him: wot?
me: 5 euros. it's worth about three and a half pounds.
him: no, I see the 5 printed in the corner, but what is it?
[he has *no* clue what this thing is...]
me: I spent one in London and the guy treated it as £3.55, you can have that if you want [also, the guy in London almost didn't take it. Apparently Euros are not well liked in England].
him: eh. [holds out his hand, vertically.
me: [shakes his hand]
him and me: [repeats the last conversation trying to decide what a 5 euro bill is. I offer to take it back if he doesn't want it, and now and then he holds out his hand again so I shake it again. I don't think this is what he was after :p]

him: do you smoke?
me: no
him: do you drink?
me: no
him: [walks away with €5 bill].


Bruce said...

Save those euros. One day we'll be using them in the States once our dollar is worthless. :P

Laurel said...

Wonder what he would have done if you'd actually handed him a couple of pens.....assuming you had really had some to hand him.....
Did you see stonehenge yet??? And did you really have to stay in a hotel for $180 US???
Miss you!

Scrapnqueen said...

So it sounds like everything over there costs the same number as here, just with a Pound sign in front instead of $ sign. Eeps. That IS expensive!

Sorry I haven't checked up on you before now. My life has been. In. Sane. With a capital everything. I think I MIGHT have time to actually post something on my own blog tomorrow. This is the first blog I've actually read in almost two weeks.

I hope you are doing something fantastically fun RIGHT NOW for your birthday. (It's still "tomorrow" here, but I know your six or seven hours ahead, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

Love ya!

Dawn said...

We all speak english and yet we still don't understand what the other means. Happy Birthday Logan! (Ya, Talenee told me...)

Logan said...

good idea bruce. isn't the US dollar worth even less than the Canadian one now? :p

mom - yes, saw stonehenge. no, didn't pay $180 US for a hotel. It ended up at £103, so, around $220 I think :p most nights though a hostel bed + breakfast was less than £20.