Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

...don't know when I'll be back again... . Now just imagine that song running through your head for 3 days. Arg!!

Anyhoo... 48 hours from now I will be arriving at the Calgary airport to leave the country. It has almost (but not quite) gotten through my thick skull that yes, I will actually be leaving the continent for the first time ever, for much more than the usual week or two vacation. Most likely the full impact of this will make itself clear to me in about.. oh.. 2 months.

Today is a good day I think, for.... packing! Last week I test-packed everything into the backpack, and it came out to 22 lbs. Since then I've picked up a bunch of items that were on my list (journal, sports towel, a shirt, random stuff, mp3 player... ok, yes, I caved on that one! sue me) so I'm curious to see what it weighs now, and more importantly, if there is still extra room to pick up the occasional souvenir or store some food/water as I go.

Also, as noted above, I capitulated to the desire to listen to music at some point during the next year, and picked up a Sansa e280 8gb mp3 player. Then there was an unenviable task: Given a 22gb music library, all of "stuff I like to listen to", pick only 7.7gb to have the option of listening to during the next year! Arg. Arg arg arg. That was really hard. Pray that you never need to do it!

There may be one more post before departure, but if not then let us hereby consign this post to the annals of history as "last post made in Canada in 2007 by a 27 year old in a parking lot of a hotel, on a laptop with 69% battery capacity remaining" ... think you can get in the Guinness book for that?

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Scrapnqueen said...

Oh, the tough decisions you need to make when becoming a world traveler. My heart...bleeds...for you..oo-oo-oo...

Seriously, you will totally get in the World Book with that one.

Love ya. Can't wait to hear from you on "the other side..."