Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A thousand words.

Wasn't fast enough to capture it with my camera so I will just describe [and hopefully manage to get a picture later], but a few hours after arriving here yesterday, I saw a tanker truck (we're talking tractor trailer here, not just a 1-ton or something) of the sort that back home would be carrying propane, gasoline, or perhaps milk. This one was carrying Guiness. Guess where I am!

On a side note, the ferry ride was great fun. The captain kept apologizing for the awful weather, but I rather enjoyed the pitching and rolling. First time at sea, but not the last!

Oh, in addition to being fast enough with the camera, it would also help if any of these stupid net cafe computers actually recognized a USB port from a hole in the wall. Alas. Just in case anyone was wondering why I haven't actually posted any pictures: yes, I've been taking them. I call it 'raising my tourist flag'. Managed to fill up about 1.5gb of memory card thus far, and basically it will be cheaper to just keep buying memory cards than to pay for internet time to upload all the pictures, but hopefully at least a few will find their way here soon. Most will have to wait until I either find unlimited free internet access, or arrive at home sometime next year.


Laurel said...

I'm thinking that Guiness must be some kind of liquor?? I don't know, though.
So did you do something exciting on your birthday?? And do you check your emails??
At 103 pounds, I'm REALLY glad you don't have to spend many nights in a hotel. At that price, they should have supplied free internet access!!!
Love you!
Be safe!

Scrapnqueen said...

I agree with Mom about the internet being included. Yikes!

You went to Bath. Sigh. Please tell me you took pictures there. (Jane Austen lived there, you know.)

And of Wales.

And do take as many as possible of Ireland. Say hi to Fence while you're in Dublin. I think she works at the library. Also, Fence is not her real name, but I won't be ruining her anonymity by posting it here!

Anyhoo, can't wait to see photos. Especially of Ireland.

And Bath.

Scrapnqueen said...

I meant for the hyperlink to be on Fence's name, not Dublin. Oh, well, I know you get it. Just wanted to say that my excuse is being tired. See my current post for explanation. (Or not, 'cause it's certainly not worth paying another five pounds for. I'll let you know if any posts like that show up on my blog in the next few months.)

Logan said...

Talena -- I am aware that Jane Austen lived in Bath. I walked by the "Jane Austen Center" a couple times. Didn't go in though, as.. really.. I didn't care :p but I did take a fair amount of pictures in and around Bath, especially of the actual Roman baths and the Abbey, and the canals.

Too late regarding the 'people to see in Dublin' ... I only spent the two nights there, and do not intend to go back.. honestly, I didn't particularly like Dublin. If you have any ideas of 'people to see in France', now would be the time to mention it, not, say, two months from now!