Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is a test of the emergency broadcast system

... and it will be deleted if possible :p

[edits below]

... ok, cannot seem to decipher enough French (damn you, blogspot, for detecting that I am in France and translating your entire UI!) to find a way to delete, so might as well explain why this post exists in the first place.

I picked up an HTC Touch so I could take advantage of all the free wifi hotspots, figuring the 200-300 euros it will save me on net cafes makes the price bearable. However, PocketIE (the web browser on it) doesn' let me sign in to blogger or facebook. Ergo, here I am paying for net access on a PC just to set up the blog to accept posts via email (which I *can* send and receive on the HTC). This post exists to make sure that works :p Looks like I will still have to pay for access any time I need to upload photos, too. Ah well.

Side note: I bought this thing in Paris. The operating system on it is Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional, and it is locked to French because of some stupid licensing issues =(. Can set regional settings for currency/date/phone number formatting, but cannot change the language of the OS itself. So I went and bought a French-English dictionary just so I could find out what all the menus and dialog boxes are saying =P heh.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that I will be checking facebook less often than I was (like, once a month instead of once a week), but email more often (at least at hostels with free wi-fi, which is common but not universal, and is not present where I am staying here in Marseilles for the next 5 nights). So don't message me on facebook if you want any kind of timely reply!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Never let me hold your children.


Il y a des photos d'Angleterre ici. Merde! Cette ordinateur fran├žais traduit tout le texte!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kilkenny, Ireland

Mystery Explained!

Why does the the teacher ask little Johnny in the classroom if he has to go "number one" or "number two" when deciding if he will be allowed to go now, or wait until recess?

All the toilets here have flush buttons on top rather than levers on the front. Buttons, plural. They are each roughly half of a circle, and are labeled with a single bump on one, and a double bump on the other (blind people use toilets too! but they probably don't read this particular blog, so if that seemed insensitive they won't care). Pressing the number two button also brings down the number one button, for a "large" flush, pressing the number one button just does a "small" flush.

Of course, maybe they label them that way just because of little Johnny in the classroom. Perhaps this is just a "chicken or the egg" scenario!

Blog Comments

Thank you to everyone who has left comments on various posts here. It is nice to know that my friends occasionally drop by to read what's up and let me know they are still alive too :) Since Mom asked, yes, I do read all the comments that everyone posts here, even if I don't respond with another comment. I did post a comment-response a couple times, then it occurred to me that likely people do not come back to check the comments thread once they have left their comment, and thus the replies would never be read by their intended recipient :p so.. not so many more of those in the future, methinks. If you absolutely must have a reply to something, email me! I won't guarantee instant, or even timely, replies, but I do generally reply to the vast majority of my email :)


I actually have in my possession two postcards. They both have the same picture on them, but that is alright because I will not send them both to the same person... I picked them up at a theater in Dublin for three reasons:
1) They were free
2) The picture is awesome
3) They were free

However! I did not bring anyone's address. The only addresses I know by heart are those of you who I have known since I was a child and you have never moved.. so... Dad, that's you. The rest of you, if you ever want to receive a postcard from me on this trip, need to email me your postal address! Of course, this does not guarantee a deluge of postcards, but I will send out some now and then if there are willing recipients. Please only use my gmail or hotmail addresses, as those are the only ones I am checking on this trip (mostly that's all any of you have anyway, but just being thorough).

I will not be like Lucy's dad though... Lucy is this Englishwoman I met in Killarney, and she claims that every time her dad goes as far away as the next town for a day trip, she gets at least one postcard, and if he is gone for a month or more, her mailbox explodes. EXPLODES! I promise not to do that. Ever.

The Bard's Puppy

Today I went for a very long walk, intending to reach the Dunmore Caves (about 10km out of town). I turned around about 4km into the journey since I wasn't keen on pneumonia, was already soaked, and the roads here.. even the national routes [ie, highways] like what I was walking on, have NO SHOULDERS. For the most part I'd just hop up into the flora whenever a line of vehicles came by [happily there was a one-lane closure for a construction site on edge of town, so all the vehicles came in spurts], but some parts of the road have not only no shoulder, but rising immediately from the edge of the pavement (about 3cm clearance from a bus mirror), 6 feet of ground topped by a thick hedge. So, as they say here, "no fecking way". I would have taken a picture of the hedge-tunnel-highway but the rain would have probably destroyed ye olde camerae.eea.a.e. (I think the reason they did not invent cameras in the middle ages is that they did not have a way to spell it)

Anyway.. the reason for the title of this section: near the beginning of the trip, this little white and brown puppy was standing, looking quite beleaguered, near the sidewalk. He came up to me as I walked by, so I scratched his ears and went on my way. After this, he followed me for about a quarter mile... I felt rather like The Bard, and had to send the puppy away lest a huge pterodactyl lunge out of the sky and flatten him like a pancake. (Which is what happened to the Bard's dog, whom he befriended in much the same way, and who looked almost identical, in case you have never played the game). It took some urging, but eventually he went.. home? Dunno. Back down the road at any rate.

More Pictures?

Not today.. this net cafe does not have accessible USB ports. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will get some of the backlog posted! Tomorrow I am going to France, and I do not know what the net cafe situation will be like there just yet. If you never hear from me again, it is because I fell in the ocean :p [taking the ferry from Rosslare, Ireland to Cherbourg, France]

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More photos on Facebook

As it turns out, Facebook has a much nicer upload applet. Ergo, there's a whole lot more pictures there. You can see a bunch more pics from the Cheddar caves here

Not a thousand words.

Inside Gough's Cave, in Cheddar, England. I took about 300MB of pictures/movies here, someday when I am either at home, or find a net cafe that lets me run an FTP program, I will put them up somewhere. Blogspot's browser-based image upload program isn't friendly -- doesn't tell me how fast it is going or any sort of progress indicator :p

Some actual Cheddar cheese. Not orange. Eat me now! NOW!!11!!! There really was no choice.

My favorite thing about Dublin, Ireland

Sitting at the edge of the cliff [87m above ocean] Dun Aonghasa [Dun Angus] on Inishmor. ... or, no wait, IT'S NOT! omfg. Uploaded the wrong picture by mistake :P oh well, I'm leaving it up since I already spent the time to get it here... this is looking across one of the two or three beaches on Inishmor, for no good reason at all.

The fort of Dun Aonghasa from a half mile or so away down the coast [taken a few days later, when I went to find the Wormhole. Which does not go to another galaxy.]
Also, there are a lot of rocks on this island :p Not so much with the trees, though.

To make up for the Dun Aonghasa photo slip-up, here's one of St. Mary's Cathedral in Killarney, Ireland. :p ... I swear they all look great in the little screen on the back of my camera.. so hard to tell which ones are just blurry messes until you get them on a computer. Alas! This one isn't too bad if you don't view it full size though...