Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More photos on Facebook

As it turns out, Facebook has a much nicer upload applet. Ergo, there's a whole lot more pictures there. You can see a bunch more pics from the Cheddar caves here


Laurel said...

Whoa!! Cool pictures!!
So, does cheddar cheese from Cheddar actually taste....cheddarier? Just curious. I know that fresh pineapple in Belize tastes more....hmmm.... "brilliant" than any I'd ever tasted before!
I pray the Lord to keep you safe!
Love you lots!

Scrapnqueen said...

Those are some gorgeous pictures. And with the captions, highly entertaining! (I can taste the bitterness of bile at losing the entire thing in one shot--from past experience!)

That cheese looked pretty delish. Too bad it wouldn't keep long enough to send some home! (Sigh.) I guess I'll have to use my imagination.

UJ said...

Hi Logan...Have been checking-in periodically to follow "the mission". Much enjoyed! (Sounds like Ashley is 'making rumbles' about doing something similar next year...after she graduates). Anyway...sounds like you're making some pretty cool memories. I'll have to get your email (from someone) to write more later. In the mean time...will try out this "comment box gig" and see if it works. Regarding the cave pics...having been in several caves myself, I can appreciate the underlying "you have to be here" tone in your comments. They are cool though (cool as in zero Kelvin). Keep snappin! UJ