Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Not a thousand words.

Inside Gough's Cave, in Cheddar, England. I took about 300MB of pictures/movies here, someday when I am either at home, or find a net cafe that lets me run an FTP program, I will put them up somewhere. Blogspot's browser-based image upload program isn't friendly -- doesn't tell me how fast it is going or any sort of progress indicator :p

Some actual Cheddar cheese. Not orange. Eat me now! NOW!!11!!! There really was no choice.

My favorite thing about Dublin, Ireland

Sitting at the edge of the cliff [87m above ocean] Dun Aonghasa [Dun Angus] on Inishmor. ... or, no wait, IT'S NOT! omfg. Uploaded the wrong picture by mistake :P oh well, I'm leaving it up since I already spent the time to get it here... this is looking across one of the two or three beaches on Inishmor, for no good reason at all.

The fort of Dun Aonghasa from a half mile or so away down the coast [taken a few days later, when I went to find the Wormhole. Which does not go to another galaxy.]
Also, there are a lot of rocks on this island :p Not so much with the trees, though.

To make up for the Dun Aonghasa photo slip-up, here's one of St. Mary's Cathedral in Killarney, Ireland. :p ... I swear they all look great in the little screen on the back of my camera.. so hard to tell which ones are just blurry messes until you get them on a computer. Alas! This one isn't too bad if you don't view it full size though...


Laurel said...

Beautiful pictures!! And are all your worldly possessions that you have with you, really in that little bitty backpack you are wearing in the beach picture??
So, Logan, do you ever respond to people's comments....or questions.... as, ahem, perhaps..ahem, your mother's????
And are you checking your emails... or is the airtime too pricey??
Love you!

Scrapnqueen said...

Actually, the one that's there for no good reason at all is my favourite photo of the bunch. Nice composition and emotion in it--and the scenery is nice, too! :-)

Thank goodness you posted. Not that I would ever worry about you being mugged, or anything...