Thursday, November 15, 2007

74 Days

74 days. A mere 74 days, and it's all over. We were fools to think it could possibly last, but curse it, we were happy fools! Is it better to be happy in ignorance or to see the end approaching, as inevitable as winter follows summer, night follows day?

In the beginning, everyone was happy and carefree; we were in a new era of glorious opportunity! All ties to the Old Ways had been left behind, no one could possibly imagine how rapidly they would return, not just to haunt, but to physically force their will upon not only our until-recently-merry band, but upon all those around us. Those who had offered us shelter, those who had sold us coffee, those who passed us in the streets with secret envy in their hearts - all of them have now fallen under the horror that has been merely biding its time while we scurried through the sunlight of our lives, unaware. I think, nay, I am certain, that it would be easier to accept these events without the accompanying knowledge of having doomed so many innocents to suffer through them needlessly.

The 74th day out of Canada, and today all of Zürich has been snowed on along with me.


Laurel said...

Hmmmm.....doesn't Zurich ALWAYS get snow in the winter.....whether a Canadian is there or not??? Or am I wrong about Switzerland being a big skiing country?? Which, by the way, are you going to go skiing in the Alps while you're there??
Love you!!

Scrapnqueen said...

You're hilarious. For a while, I thought you were quoting something from a book.

Oh, the melodrama.

Hope you don't freeze your knackers off. You might need them later.