Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Excess Baggage leads to...

This is mostly to test whether attaching images to email works for blog posts... If it does, the first pic (assuming they come through in order, if not, you'll figure it out) is of most of the books I was carrying through France :)

Tip: don't carry that many books at once.

Missing from the picture, which was taken in mid October, is a small French phrasebook which was probably in my pocket at the time, and The Eye of the World, another 850ish page paperback. Happily, last night I gave up on finding a secondhand bookstore that wants English books, pulled all the Tad Williams, the Ireland, and the non pictured phrasebook out and told my roommates to help themselves because they weren't going back in the bag. Nobody seems to want the Williams though, and who can blame them since Book One isn't there, having been traded in for Book Two way back in Dublin?

Oh well, guess the extra books get abandonned at this hostel =)

The other pic is a beverage I found in a grocery store in Carcasonne, and just had to fall to. [muwhahahaa]. It tastes kinda like Cherry Dr. Pepper, but better. Normally I do not drink soda anymore but with a name like that it was just so... tempting.

Anyway, the reason these are all the pics you get right now is that every expletiving net cafe seems to ... Eh, it does not really matter. Someday I swear I'll catch up on photo uploads, and YES I know that I'm 6 weeks behind after only 9+ weeks of travel.

(aside: I mourn for my camera's recently broken LCD screen. Still takes pics, but cannot review them or change settings. Fixing it costs more than a new camera, too, so you can see where this is heading)


Laurel said...

That's LOTSA books!! I bet your shoulder is glad you turfed some of them.
Yes...interesting name for a beverage.
So...from my comments you know that your pictures DID come through just fine. And I'm eagerly anticipating more in the future!
Love & Prayers!

Scrapnqueen said...

Oo! Oo! Pick me for the Tad Williams! I haven't heard of the series, but I'm sure I could find book one over here somewhere! :-)

Actually, I still have a (stand-alone) TW on my shelf--The War of the Roses. Jay read it in the summer. I'm saving it and Harry Potter #7 for my holidays in December. No time to read right now. (Well, not novels, anyway. My favourite blogs? I create time to read those!)