Friday, February 29, 2008

In the land of the snow

Arrived home in Canada on Monday. One might think that this would mean I would now make a big long post expounding on everything, since I have a real keyboard to type on, but one would be wrong!

However, such a post (or, more likely, multiple posts) will be coming in the future. Meanwhile, I shall throw a bone in the form of a funny sign (I took a lot of pictures of funny signs over the last 6 months...)

One of the many things you have to watch out for on the roads in Scotland!


Scrapnqueen said...

*chuckle* That is cute. I look forward to more of your photo-blogging in the near future.

Good to hear your voice tonight. Lookin' forward to seeing you soon! :-)

Laurel said...

It's so NICE to know you are back safe and sound.
I echo Talena, - very cute photo and am looking forward to the chronicles of your expedition!
Love you lots!!