Friday, June 27, 2008


Pulling into Redmond again after a 17 month absence was strange. Not strange as in a "hey everything is different" manner, even though some things were different and shocking, but strange in a "I feel like I belong here much more than Red Deer or Sylvan Lake or Calgary, and that seems wrong somehow". The theater at Redmond Town Center is gone. EBX changed their sign to GameStop. The old Northwest Brewhouse brewery/restaurant/bar is now a bank and a AAA office. The Brown Bag Cafe is for sale. They finally *almost* finished the flyover on 520 to get rid of that nasty left turn. Other than that it was the same old place. Went and got bacon and eggs at the same Safeway. Used the same club card.

Of course, there are culture shocks. Yesterday Darryn and I went over to Bellevue to watch Iron Man, and it wasn't until I was turning into the underground parking lot that I remembered the whole city parking paradigm, with the paid parking and validation from business for free hours etc (turns out the theater validated for 3 hours of parking so it was free anyway, yay!) How do you forget something like that?

Last night Clint, Darryn and I went out to the Blue Moon to see some live bands. Amazingly, no cover charge, but apparently that is to be expected from the dirtiest bar in Seattle :) The music either got better as the bands changed out, or I got deafer. Either way, an enjoyable evening. Radu and Matt met up with us there, which was cool. Everyone has changed weight since I saw them last. Some up, some down, heh. Some just have less hair!

Oh, and Iron Man was great.

.... dammit, this post wasn't even remotely funny. Umm... What do you call a midget fortuneteller on the run from the law? Check back next episode for the obvious pun!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Elitist Shaving Pig

My Italian shaving cream just ran out. So apparently it is time to go to a foreign country for personal grooming products. See, when you travel, you become a grooming snob, and domestic products simply will. not. do.

So, Wednesday morning, I'm outta here! Woo!

p.s.: prize for whoever takes the post title the furthest out of context. Compete for glory! Winner gets.. um... an empty can of shaving cream with an Italian label?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


This morning, I had an idea for a really witty, short, blog post.

I've forgotten what it was. :(