Friday, July 11, 2008

Two-timing Troglodytes!

This was originally going to be a comment on my sister's blog comments (am I really reduced to that now? Commenting on comments? Apparently not, since now this is a post! ha! Chew on that!), but then I decided that as a public service, other people could use this information too.

Here are some alternate phrases for the next time you really need to express that righteous fury in a way that only a polysyllabic exclamation can do, and yet maintain a family friendly rating.

  • Billions of blue blistering barnacles! (see's list for more Haddock curses... too many to list here)
  • That's Bolshevism.
  • Aw, snap! (a little too valley-girl, but it might work for you)
  • Jiminy Crickets!
  • Crap on a crutch. (read the Note on the linked page. Do it now! I'll wait.)
  • Smurfing smurf!
  • Whoa! (Nelly optional. It does make it a bit less 'Keanu Reeves' though)

Now I freely admit that none of the above are original products of my brain. Here's some that are (of course, someone may have come up with these independently, but so did I, frog bite it!):

  • Polysyllabic Exclamation! (This one might work best shouted in a public place, just to see how many people go 'huh?' vs how many crack up)
  • Mercaptans! (based on the fact that many exclamations are synonyms for foul smelling substances, this should work well...)
  • Arrrgariffic! (sometimes blending words is fun!)
  • Cellular Mitosis! (hey, if other biological acts can work for curses.. this could spawn an entire line of new ones!)
  • Five nuns in a four man rowboat! (think about it a while... there are layers to this! Like ogres.)
  • Corrupted bytes after a three hour download! (ok, this one is inspired by an experience I had the other day and may not work for most people)
  • Tapping tappity taps! (just for you, Dad!)

Yeah ok I'm done now. Time to go see if today's three hour download has corrupted bytes...

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Scrapnqueen said...

OR! You could say "Phooey!"