Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So, some things of note. And a lot of non-noteworthy things.

RSS Feeds.
I've finally been dragged forward into the 18th century and started using an RSS feed aggregator. Now I can get my 4 webcomics, Ars Technica, and Talena's blog all in one place. Yay! You can do this too. If you are using Firefox, just click that little orange-and-white icon on the right hand side of the address bar right now. Muddle your way through a couple more clicks and you're done! (Don't worry, those extra clicks won't kill you, and there is probably no wrong choice.)

I do find that it is hard to kill the urge to browse to all of the aforementioned sites via bookmarks or manually, though. What if they post something and it takes 30 seconds to show up in the RSS feed>? I might live 30 seconds without laughing at a comic that I would otherwise laugh at! Omg! OMFG! ... yeah, I'll adjust :p

They do roam the earth. I'm typing on one right now. It didn't feel that way until I just got home and turned it on after my first day in the new office, where I was using the new laptop they issued me for work. That one is really nice :p (smaller, faster, creates fire and simple tools... yep, it's a step up the ladder)

Papa John's doesn't deliver to my current address. Sad! Zeek's Pizza does, and it is even tastier, albeit at "specialty pizza" prices.

Movin' on up
Becoming a Microsoft employee feels a bit like upgrading to being a first class citizen. There are a lot of businesses (banks, restaurants, car dealerships, insurance, whatever) around here that offer special discounts and deals for MS employees. And with a MS population almost half the size of Red Deer right here in the Puget Sound area, it is no wonder. On top of that, we get a Prime card and the uber cool status that can only come from wearing a badge with a blue square and your picture on it. Woo!

Movin' on up even higher
My temporary apartment is on the 21st floor, large windows facing south into downtown, which is at least 5 blocks away. Everything in between is short buildings, so the view is great, over a bit of Puget Sound too :) Me likey. Of course, once I get my own place it will probably have a view of a brick wall, so it is appropriate to enjoy the view whilst I can.

So. High rise apartment, office downtown, fancy-shmancy rental car... yep. I feel like a yuppie. Finally? That should last approximately until I have to pay my own rent then go broke from the crazy rental rates around here :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Arrival

No, not the crappy Charlie Sheen movie.

I arrived in Seattle this morning, and by about 10:30 was happily getting lost as I fiddled with the dials in my rental car. As an aside, I will never buy or own a 2008 Mercury Milan, as the thing is a freakin' boat. Though it is shiny and new and has a voice controlled USB enabled satellite stereo thingy powered by a Microsoft product (just pluggin' the new employer here...).

Given that I could not check in at my temp apt before 1500, I headed over to Clint's place. I got to his door just as he was locking it to head out for breakfast (around 1100 ... heh), so that seemed like a plan. Spent the day hanging out with him and Yuna, checked out the Seattle Public Library, had a martini, ate a wonderful Italian supper (I will never eat Chef Boyardee ravioli again, it'd spoil the memory), and am finally winding down and getting ready for bed.

Oh, Talena, some day you should come see this library. They have a huge section devoted to sheet music, and two reasonably sound proofed rooms with pianos in them for people to try out the sheet music (you can also check it out of the library, I think). You could probably lose yourself for a few days there while Jason and I saw the rest of Seattle, so long as you packed some sandwiches.


People say that Clint and I look similar. I think it is all lies. Observe:

See? No similarities in facial features our our independently chosen style of dress on this particular day. (Hint: I'm the one on the left. I think). But just in case I asked him to stop wearing what are clearly my shirts.

Good night!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ship it!

So all my stuff is gone, now. Packed away by the moving crew this morning, except the clothing and personal grooming items that I deemed essential for the next 32 days. 2 days until when I hope my flight is, plus up to 30 days of storage / temp housing before I get all my packed household goods delivered to my actual new place, wherever that ends up being.

For the last three or four days I've been meaning to do a trial-run of packing all my held-back-to-take-on-the-plane (HBTTOTP) items into the check-able backpack, the carry-on bag, and my laptop bag. Of course, I didn't actually *do* it, because that would have eliminated the suspense that I now face: will they all actually fit? Or will I have to leave behind some of the HBTTOTP items? ... Oh, and the real reason I didn't do a test pack is because some of them were dirty, and if I put them in the same backpack as my test-packing clean clothes, the clean clothes would have gotten cooties. Clothes are kinda immature, and have that whole first-grader mentality about them. Sometimes they tend to be over-using-hypens-type clothes, too, and you just don't want those mixing with your normal, unhyphenated clothes. (Yay, I can mock myself!)

So, anyway, now I anxiously await emails containing things like flight numbers and times. That is, pretty much in it's entirety, my full time job right now. Wooooo. Talena, you may be the chicken with its head cut off, but I'm the same chicken five minutes later, you know, just after it stops twitching.

[edit - 1712h]
And the emails are in.. may I have the envelope, please? ...

Departure Thursday, September 18. Customs-guy-in-a-good-mood permitting. w00t!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Because shirts are fun, and these will probably show up on Talena's kids at some point if I link them here...

Cat shirts! (Dad, don't look, you'd just shoot the shirts).

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's not the cost, it's the inconvenience.

I am not a violent man. However, if the Sony executive responsible for the decision to not include any form of HD capable cables (component or HDMI) in the PS3 box, and also to not actually specify that in gigantic bold print on the OUTSIDE of the box, had knocked on my door yesterday, I would not have punched him in the nose. I would probably have grabbed the golf club beside the door and poked him in the nuts. Because he'd deserve it.

I mean, c'mon. RCA jacks? R-C-A?!?! A Not even S-Video? What the HELL, Sony? Yeah, I really wanted to turn around and drive right back into town. Thanks for including a 60 year old connector type on your console that is designed for digital output of high resolution graphics, and selling the HD-capable cable types separately.

Now you can all send me pictures of a ps3 box that clearly states "Component and HDMI Cables Sold Separately" if you wish, but it won't make me much less mad :p. All I remember seeing on the list of box contents was "video cable". Sue me for thinking it would be component or HDMI.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Questions you may not want to ask a mercenary

Unlike the authors of xkcd, Howard Tayler probably wouldn't approve of having his comic directly posted into my blog, so I'll just link.

You should read this comic right now!