Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Arrival

No, not the crappy Charlie Sheen movie.

I arrived in Seattle this morning, and by about 10:30 was happily getting lost as I fiddled with the dials in my rental car. As an aside, I will never buy or own a 2008 Mercury Milan, as the thing is a freakin' boat. Though it is shiny and new and has a voice controlled USB enabled satellite stereo thingy powered by a Microsoft product (just pluggin' the new employer here...).

Given that I could not check in at my temp apt before 1500, I headed over to Clint's place. I got to his door just as he was locking it to head out for breakfast (around 1100 ... heh), so that seemed like a plan. Spent the day hanging out with him and Yuna, checked out the Seattle Public Library, had a martini, ate a wonderful Italian supper (I will never eat Chef Boyardee ravioli again, it'd spoil the memory), and am finally winding down and getting ready for bed.

Oh, Talena, some day you should come see this library. They have a huge section devoted to sheet music, and two reasonably sound proofed rooms with pianos in them for people to try out the sheet music (you can also check it out of the library, I think). You could probably lose yourself for a few days there while Jason and I saw the rest of Seattle, so long as you packed some sandwiches.


People say that Clint and I look similar. I think it is all lies. Observe:

See? No similarities in facial features our our independently chosen style of dress on this particular day. (Hint: I'm the one on the left. I think). But just in case I asked him to stop wearing what are clearly my shirts.

Good night!


Scrapnqueen said...

Oh, yeah. You guys had absolutely no influence on each other in your life. At all. :-)

Also, Seattle just got into my "top 5 places to visit" wishlist!

Glad you made it okay. BTW, met another Heinlein fan last night. He recommended The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, too. He also recommended Elrond Hubbard's Battlefield Earth. So. Eventually, I may actually get to reading those. Someday. Yeah.

Laurel said...

Glad you're there safe & sound!! And, NOOOOOOOO, there is absolutely NO similarities between you and Clint!!
And you BOTH have GREAT taste!!
I'll call you again soon. Good to hear you last night. Sorry I couldn't talk longer.
Love ya!