Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's not the cost, it's the inconvenience.

I am not a violent man. However, if the Sony executive responsible for the decision to not include any form of HD capable cables (component or HDMI) in the PS3 box, and also to not actually specify that in gigantic bold print on the OUTSIDE of the box, had knocked on my door yesterday, I would not have punched him in the nose. I would probably have grabbed the golf club beside the door and poked him in the nuts. Because he'd deserve it.

I mean, c'mon. RCA jacks? R-C-A?!?! A Not even S-Video? What the HELL, Sony? Yeah, I really wanted to turn around and drive right back into town. Thanks for including a 60 year old connector type on your console that is designed for digital output of high resolution graphics, and selling the HD-capable cable types separately.

Now you can all send me pictures of a ps3 box that clearly states "Component and HDMI Cables Sold Separately" if you wish, but it won't make me much less mad :p. All I remember seeing on the list of box contents was "video cable". Sue me for thinking it would be component or HDMI.


Scrapnqueen said...

At least you have your sense of humour. Without that, you don't have anything.

Wait. That might have supposed to have been something else. Well, whatever. (That's probably what the Sony exec. thought, too.)

Laurel said...

I agree with Talena....a sense of humor is what will keep life worth living!! And you've got a GOOD one!!
Love ya!

Logan said...

Um. Yes, I have my sense of humour, but that post was written in *anger*. I understand that it can be hard to tell the one from t'other, face like mine, but I just thought you should know.

Scrapnqueen said...

Anger, yes. But wittily-spoken anger, none-the-less.

Scrapnqueen said...

Oh, and I've got something for you.