Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ship it!

So all my stuff is gone, now. Packed away by the moving crew this morning, except the clothing and personal grooming items that I deemed essential for the next 32 days. 2 days until when I hope my flight is, plus up to 30 days of storage / temp housing before I get all my packed household goods delivered to my actual new place, wherever that ends up being.

For the last three or four days I've been meaning to do a trial-run of packing all my held-back-to-take-on-the-plane (HBTTOTP) items into the check-able backpack, the carry-on bag, and my laptop bag. Of course, I didn't actually *do* it, because that would have eliminated the suspense that I now face: will they all actually fit? Or will I have to leave behind some of the HBTTOTP items? ... Oh, and the real reason I didn't do a test pack is because some of them were dirty, and if I put them in the same backpack as my test-packing clean clothes, the clean clothes would have gotten cooties. Clothes are kinda immature, and have that whole first-grader mentality about them. Sometimes they tend to be over-using-hypens-type clothes, too, and you just don't want those mixing with your normal, unhyphenated clothes. (Yay, I can mock myself!)

So, anyway, now I anxiously await emails containing things like flight numbers and times. That is, pretty much in it's entirety, my full time job right now. Wooooo. Talena, you may be the chicken with its head cut off, but I'm the same chicken five minutes later, you know, just after it stops twitching.

[edit - 1712h]
And the emails are in.. may I have the envelope, please? ...

Departure Thursday, September 18. Customs-guy-in-a-good-mood permitting. w00t!


Scrapnqueen said...

Oh, the "stopping twitching" thing sounds like heaven right now.

I just did the HBTTITV trial run. I can't stand the suspense like you can, apparently--besides, I still have all my other clothes sitting right here, so I could "sub in" for stuff that I planned to take that is dirty at the moment.

That, and I wanted to make sure I didn't actually pack something into a box that should be in my suitcase.

Guess I better get back to it. Sigh.

Laurel said...

Cool!! And Happy Birthday today!! I will be trying to reach you on your phone......but just in case you've already had it cancelled or some other unforseen impediment....this is officially a "Happy Birthday to You" wish!!
Love you lots!