Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm starting to like the cut of this man's gibberish...

Just a couple links to share:

First, Fantastic Contraption. A neat physics based toybox, and a great way to kill some time :) Come up with creative solutions to the puzzles! Here's a couple that I made:

Duck the Gap
The One-Vehicle Solution

That's just to give you an idea :) I'd hate to ruin all the puzzles before you go try it yourself...

Also, for a few years now I've been hearing about "The Tick" and how it was such a great comic and TV show. As one person commented on IMDB, think of this show as "Seinfeld with superheroes". Well, now has the entire live-action show (there was an earlier animated one too). It was a short run, at 9 episodes of ~22 minutes each, but you can watch them all here when you've got some spare time :) I'm working my way through slowly but surely...

Oh, I applied for and put a deposit on an apartment in Seattle. Hopefully should be signing the lease by Wednesday. Woo!

Finally: the quote of the Day, for yesterday (received over IM from Radu):
[11:58] Raduuuuuu: imm on my phoone etc driving to get pants


Laurel said...

New look to your blog. Cool!
Does your apartment have an ocean view? How far will it be from work? And, are you feeling better?
Love you lots!
PS Today is Grandma McCarty's 80th birthday.

Brock said...

I applaud your elegant contraptions, but an ideal solution will always involve over-engineering and, hopefully, a tank.

Logan said...

Oh, I agree. I don't always have the patience to set up tank treads though.. so many little links! Your solution is definitely an improvement over the one I made to that same puzzle, as you can see :)

But overengineering, you say? /applaud!

... as a side note, catapults of varying forms are almost as cool as tanks... :p