Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Since my earlier haiku was taken down (by myself) for being factually inaccurate, I figured it is only fair to replace it with... more haiku*.

Haiku for Jason:

is not tolerated here
just cold, hard logic

self-referential haiku:


here's one from a shirt one of my co-workers wears sometimes:

haiku are easy
but sometimes they don't make sense

*remember kids, the plural of 'haiku' is 'moose' ... or wait, is that 'sheep'?


Laurel said...

Hmmmmm.....I actually had to do a google search and find out what haiku meant.....soooo.....that was my something new I learned today!
Love you lots!

Scrapnqueen said...

So, did you purposely mis-write circumlocutious just to emphasize the point (and to get to 7 syllables, obviously), or didst my brother actually make an error?

Oh, also... I LOVED the last one, especially. All funny, though.

Logan said...

what you call error
I say is intentional
to fit the format

{{{I made up my own expansion on "circumlocutory" just to get a 7 syllable word with the general meaning I was going for.}}}

throughout history
scribes have muddled many words
constrained by format

(experience says
that this is a strong form of
self flagellation)

{{{As this is hardly the first time in history a poet has invented their own word modifications to match the meter, rhythm or rhyme of their piece (Billy, hey, how ya doin? yeah, I was a fan of MacBeth...), I figure I could get away with it...}}}

notwithstanding this
it is important to note
that I am human

{{{.... of course, you should realize that your brother is actually more prone to making mistakes than the average 30 lb badger, even though this wasn't one of them.}}}

Logan said...

sometimes it's hard to
count syllables perfectly
we all screw up