Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Exhibit A:

Tempered by Exhibit B:
http://www.king5.com/weather/ <-- note, this link only relevant in the here and now. For future historians, allow me to sum up:
Snow, Rain, Slush, Freezing Temperatures Overnight, Ice, Busses sliding down hills, etc etc.... in a nutshell, sub-optimal driving conditions. Did I mention I live halfway up one of the largest hills in Seattle?


Brock said...

Logan -- you're doing it wrong. As a Canadian living in Seattle, it's part of your job to point out how poorly people here drive in the snow. You're supposed to assemble a sled-team of stray dogs, put on the parka you fashioned out of spit and tree bark, and sled around town scowling at the sissified snow-fearing ways of Seattlites.

Logan said...

You're absolutely right, were we drifted under large quantities of actual snow with actual cold temperatures, I'd be all about mocking the crap out of everyone around me.

This "hovering just below/above freezing" crap has resulted in Streets of Icy Doom though. Which, honestly, still wouldn't bother me back home, as we'd have had a fleet of plow trucks out clearing it and spreading sand/salt since the first flake hit the ground... I've heard Seattle has a total of 5 plows and that's counting the one some guy made by strapping half a milk barrel to the front of his Segway.

It's the combination of steep hills + icy doom that isn't being properly cleared away + new car that is causing me to be hesitant about driving :|

Scrapnqueen said...

Great car! It will look even better when you don't have to Photoshop yourself into it.

I don't blame you for not wanting to repeat the Chevy Blazer incident in it. Best to keep it--and yourself--in one, unsquished piece.

Also, love the Haiku. I can see it on my reader, but not here. Weird.

Logan said...

Don't make me censor you! ... we don't talk about that 'incident' in public view... :p

Actually thoughts of that hadn't even crossed my mind - it was more of a "survival of the species" thing. When all the streets within view are being used by people tobogganing on laundry baskets and ironing boards because they have never had a reason to own a real toboggan, why ruin their fun and evaporate the gene pool by running over them in a car? I mean, if they were there with their kids, then sure -- they've already procreated, now it's okay. But sometimes it is hard to tell which kids belong to which targets.. err.. people... when their faces are covered by scarves so you cannot see the resemblance out a dirty window at 30mph, and this just isn't the sort of thing you can make a mistake on then fix up later.

Anyway, the snow is gone now (except in shady nooks). So the car has been driven. And it is great. That is all.

p.s. the haiku was posted, then removed a few minutes later (just long enough for Google Reader to pick it up, apparently) when I realized that the squiggly lines weren't *actually* the things doing the water sensing (the sensor is in front of the rearview mirror). I would have hated to have factually inaccurate information on my blog, as it is always a bastion of logic and absolute truth with no exaggeration whatsoever.

Jason said...

Now Logan, look at what you made me do. All was well in my office and desk until I read the last sentence in your p.s. response to Talena. In mid sentence I spurted coffee all over my nice new 22" monitor. And we all know that LCD's are to never get dirty and/or touched by fingers or hands! Now I have been forced to touch my monitor with cloth and cleaning product all because of one over the top sentence:) Thanx and have a great day.

P.S. Cleaning coffee out of a webcam is nasty;)

Logan said...

Jason, I sure hope your webcam was recording that at the time. Two reasons:
a) it'd rise to the top on youtube.
b) It would validate the claim ;) most people who say they spewed coffee on their monitor are sadly exaggerating! And, as already specified, we don't tolerate that sort of thing 'round these parts, pilgrim.

Laurel said...

Imagine that same car, in a cross between gold and mustard, sans the hood stripes and fancy wheels, and with a dent in the "boot" hood. That was my very first car, acquired for $725.00. (Complete with lein that later cost me $600.00 to clear up....back when I earned $1.35 an hour!)
But I sure 'nuff did have fun in it!! Front wheel drive burns great donuts in the snow when you yard on the hand brake!! :))))