Friday, February 6, 2009

Packaging Fail

You know those little square tags that have the spiral of metal on the back, so that if you try to rip them off they completely shred? These apparently make great anti-theft devices. However, I have a few guidelines for their use that I thought it would be good to share with the world at large. (So, you know, all four of you reading this, pass this on to your friends who work at Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Thanks.)

  1. If you are packaging your product for an online retailer such as Amazon, you don't need these. Or maybe you do. Maybe your company is not not big enough to do batches just for Amazon. Fine. I'll let you live.. but, let's move on to point two, which is really the more important:

  2. Try to grab just a little bit of a brain when deciding where to affix your "nearly impossible to cleanly remove" sticker on your packaging. Expletiving expletivity expletive!

Another package I opened used one of those same stickers, but you know what? they stuck it to a blank paper insert so it was easy to throw away. In that case I'm not sure what the point of using the super hard to remove sticker even was (As opposed to those little metal-in-plastic strips which most discs have in them, and which are generally simple to cleanly remove), but I heartily approve of the "Let's convert items which are PITA to items which make life easier on the customer who is paying us money" mentality involved.