Sunday, February 28, 2010

xkcd strikes again

Yet another moment of my life (you may remember past spreadsheets, flowcharts, etc), chronicled by the talented Randall Munroe over at xkcd.

Except he made a few factual errors, since he posted that sometime in December, and we didn't go see Avatar until today.

...please don't stab me.


Scrapnqueen said...

Reeeeaaaally... Well, I'll be holding my breath until Randall decides to write a strip that includes her name... or any other details that family may want to know about... 'cause if you're gonna brag, you know you've got a few ears that actually want to hear about it (without any stabbing involved.)

Luv ya.

P.S. Was the movie worth all the hype?

Laurel said...

Yup!! No stabbing involved!! ....and .....posting a picture would be.... well.....worth a thousand words (so they say.)
Love ya too!

mygrane said...

There's a picture on facebook! I'm pretty sure friends of friends can see it, so you both should have access :)