Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Cake is a Lie

In case this is you:

or if you have been living under a rock for 5 years... may be interested to know that you don't have to wait until 2013 to know why the cake is a lie. From now until May 24th, Valve is offering Portal for free to PC and Mac users. Get it while it's hot, people!

Seriously, go get it now. There's a good reason this game won a gajillion awards, and even if you don't think you'd like it, you should get it and try it anyway. This game probably gets the most wide personal endorsement I have ever given to a game... Yes, it is worth signing up for a free Steam account to play it (since presumably that will be required).

People with no internet connections on the computer they play games on are exempt =P


Scrapnqueen said...

I am going to look at this endorsement much like you would look at an endorsement on my blog to quickly go pick up as much free yarn on special as possible so you can knit that amazing sweater you've had your eye on.

Cool that the company's doing it, though.

This is the first day since I got home that I have had time to breathe. Maybe I'll even get my photos on my computer and blog today! You never know... it could happen.

Luv ya.

Laurel said...

Will you sit beside me and teach me how to play it???
That would be my ONLY hope of being able to do it!