Monday, May 3, 2010

Non-swinging cats.

Alan was kind enough to look after my cats while I was on a recent trip out of town. Little did I know that he was just looking for photography subjects who work cheap! Anyway, long story short, here are a bunch of pictures he took of AC/TC :)

AC is the one with more white, and the creepy eyes.
TC is... the other one. (Larger, blacker, friendlier, but apparently harder to get to hold still for the camera).

These two are particular favorites of mine. Of course, they are all good.

Thanks, Alan! Extra special kudos for managing to get these great pics within the constraints of the cave-like lighting conditions in which I live :)

... It feels weird to see a picture of a cat without a large, white, block-lettered and misspelled caption, doesn't it?

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